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What Others Say About 3D Ultrasound / 4D Ultrasound / HD Ultrasound

“I had a great experience at Stork Shots. They were all very professional and very friendly. The ultrasound tech, Kerri was awesome, very nice and did so great getting beautiful pictures for me. I would highly recommend going to Stork Shots for any ultrasound pictures! Thank you so much Stork Shots!!”

Katherine K

“Stork Shots was so amazing!! Everyone was so nice, the facility was clean and super cute. The ultrasound room is HUGE and will fit a crowd. Don’t miss out on the heartbeat animal either. My husband got us one and I love it. It is so cute and will be a great keepsake!”

Darby K

“Amazing experience!!❤️❤️ Kerri was so Nice! My child was being so stubborn, she did everything she could to get me really good shots of my baby. Totally recommend Stork Shots. They have a lot of patience. Never felt rushed. Loved the shots that were taken.”

Gloria R

“I went and had the Gender Reveal package for my twins. Such an amazing experience! Mother and daughter duo were so welcoming, sweet, and really made me feel comfortable. I had to go alone because my husband worked and I was a little bummed going in. Well after chatting with the ultrasound tech and getting my ultrasound done, I was all smiles! She was just so friendly! Highly recommend Stork Shots!”

Rosa H

“This is a great place and very relaxing experience I would recommend them to everyone. The staff is all very nice and they work hard to make this a great experience for everyone. Will use them again before the baby gets here!”

Elizabeth M

“Stork Shots is amazing!!!! I went there to get my blood drawn for the gender test and the whole time they talked to me and made sure I was comfortable! It definitely has a welcoming vibe to it! My sister was the one who got my results for my gender reveal and they did an awesome job keeping it a secret! I’m super excited to meet our baby boy! 💙 Thank you Stork Shots!”

Tricia R

“Stork shots is amazing! I highly recommend going here to find out your gender! They were so welcoming, and I get very comfortable the whole time. The laying table was cozy and the scenery of the room just felt homey.”

Alexis H

“These ladies are the best! They are so sweet, made us feel comfortable and had great conversations the whole time we were there! I can’t wait to go back for my second ultrasound! 😊 Thank you Stork Shots!”

Chelse S

“Extremely comfortable setting, amazing service! You feel at home and she really cares about your wants of seeing your baby!!”

Tyler T

“Today was my first 3D ultrasound & I loved everything about. Everything was super clean & Kerri was super professional. I would definitely go back again & recommend Kerri to everyone in the area! Thank you so much for today!”

Brianna M

“Thank you so much to Kerri and her husband Tim for taking the time to work with us today to capture some awesome moments of our precious boy before he arrives next week. I can’t say enough good things about their business. Very professional and friendly! I was very comfortable. If you are expecting I highly suggest visiting them. Thank you again!”

Lisa N

“I went this past weekend and although my baby was being a little stubborn in the beginning, she got him to cooperate & I still got a couple shots in the end! It was overall a great experience! Everyone was super nice from the moment we walked in! Highly recommend!”

Cynthia G

“I’m so glad I chose this place to do our ultrasound at. The owners are so friendly and awesome! The room is very relaxing and comfortable. Baby was in a difficult position, covering her face with her legs and arms. They didn’t let that stop them! She had me wiggle, move from side to side, gave me juice and had me cough, lol… finally baby was in good position! We got some great shots too!! Thank you so much for being patient. I definitely recommend this place and have already told many people about our experience with yall🥰”

Sarah G

“Amazing experience! The owner and her staff we’re amazing they took their time, answered all questions and were super friendly. I wish I would have known about them earlier in my pregnancy so that I could have done it twice! Highly recommend!”

Kaylee H